Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday Gets Fabulous!

Creator of Fabulous Shoe Night, Jennifer McDevitt, brings up a good point…

“I must say, the P4P April theme, “Athletic April,” had me a bit stumped. Let’s be honest here … while I understand that working out is essential for most of us in order to look fabulous, I’m not big on wearing sneakers for anything other than working out. Once, when I was having a bout of writer’s block for my own blog (www.fabulousshoenight.blogspot.com), I asked my Facebook friends and FSN fans if  they had any questions about Fabulous Shoe Night, hoping this would prompt a blog topic for me. It didn’t, but I still remember one question that made me laugh … “Do you ever wear sneakers?” (Short answer … not if I can help it.)

But, fabulousness aside, not all shoes are suitable for all situations. Take a trip to the zoo, for instance, or a day of sight-seeing just about anywhere. While we all want to look cute, all that walking can be killer on your feet unless they’re properly supported. Do they even make cute shoes that are comfortable, sporty and stylish … but not sneakers??”

With such a great question raised… and I think Jen would agree, that there are great non-sneaker options that will still provide comfort and cushion without the air-shocks on sneaks! So, if you are headed out and about and DO NOT want to throw on a pair of sneakers, my suggestion would be a Fabulous Flat like the Tahari Printed Pretties below, or a great wedged boot that has a little height but a nicely balanced platform that will be comfortable and chic!

Tahari Clementine Printed Flat


Compare at $69.00

Mrkt Bea Wedge Boot


Compare at $248.00

  • On my recent trip to NYC, it would have been practical to throw on a pair of sneakers for walking around all day, but I just wasn’t having it… I wanted to be a little more sassy and fashionable!  So I rocked a green suede “Belle” bootie like these below… and they were SUPER comfortable, not heavy, and Polished Perfect for a day in the city 🙂 

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