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Sometimes you just have a vision in mind. Whether you want to transport your party guests to another place tropical, or springy, or English, or dreamy, or garden-like… Instead of shelling out the money on a table cloth that always has the potential of getting ruined or stained… why not wrap your table with gift wrap?

It’s inexpensive, it’s multi-purposeful, it’s disposable, it can be customized, and it’s POLISHED FOR PENNIES! You can find beautiful wrap that’s cheap but oh so chic!! And really, it’s easier than wrapping presents!

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If you have a square or rectangular shaped table, rolling out the paper is easy peasey, but even if you had a circular table it can still be done!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Position the roll of wrap at the top of the table closest to the edge.
  2. Take two pieces of scotch tape and pull atleast 1 inch of paper over the edge of the table, and tape the edges under the table.
  3. Then pull the paper down to the other side of the table, slice a clean edge with scissors, (leaving atleast 1inch of paper) and tape the edges underneath, making sure the paper is smooth and flat from end to end.
  4. Depending on the width of the table… you may only need two sheets, but if you have a gap in the center, slice a strip of paper to fit over top and tape the edges down on both sides.



If you have a circular table:

  1. Drag the roll paper over half of the circular table and tape down the edges. You can even cut around the shape of the table so it’s easier to tape
  2. Repeat step one, and if there is still space in the center, slice another piece and tape it over the gap!

A few tips*

  • When selecting the perfect paper, think of what will compliment your dish-ware, glassware, and serving patters.
  • Play with color and patterns! Don’t think you have to do the whole table in one wrap! Mix it Up and get creative if you’re feeling adventurous!
  • It is paper, so water may be an issue. Unless, you can find a waxed wrap which would be great! If not, just make sure as you continue to build your beautiful tablescape, you’re keeping an eye out for dishes that still may be wet, water from flowers, and even grease on the bottom of some of your dishes.
  • If it rips… Big DEAL! Try to tape it to cover it up, or just cut a new piece and lay it on top! This idea is supposed to be fun! So don’t take it too seriously if it tears a bit! It doesn’t have to be perfect… it just has to be Polished!

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