The 5 Facial Focal Points

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Gals… Easy peesey. There are 5 focal points to a sophisticated makeup bag. The focus always being on a clean complexion, natural cheeks, painted eyes, perfect brows, and pouty lips. Think fresh, think girly, think makeup that colors your face in the way your emotions do!  Like rosy cheeks when you get embarrassed, it’s actually quite cute 🙂

Anywho, we’ve zipped open our makeup back to show you some of our picks for the must have essentials.

  1. Concealer and Blush… I don’t use foundation. Working to make my makeup look sophisticated, the key is using only what you need, and refraining from over doing it. (I also don’t use foundation even on TV… I don’t find that I need it.) I used to have severe acne, and there was a time when foundation was used moderately in that instance, but even then it just was too much. It looked like makeup on top of acne. So I’ve learned to refrain and accept that my skin isn’t as bad as I think it is, and you should too. Use a dab or two of concealer where you need it. Red areas, dark circles, pimples, etc… but you’ll realize if you become lighter handed, your skin doesn’t need to be hidden as much as you think. With that said, I do encourage you to adjust your cheek color a bit with blush. But that’s it. Natural you is a better you, because IT IS YOU! *Here’s an episode of PolishedTV that shows you how to apply our favorite concealer
  2. Tweezers and Brow Gel… You must have manicured brows. Plain and simple. Find your shape and keep them groomed. Shaped brows always make makeup look better! And a little shading goes a long way. We’re fans of Jane Iredale’s brow gel. It’s a brow mascara that’s perfect used in a small dose to shade and hold you brow shape.
  3. Maybellines Eye-Pen… I will tell you time and time again, it’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s not messy and perfect little item to keep that makeup bag smudge free and clean! It’s the product that makes you the artist. Whether thin winged or thick, this makeup pen will glide the perfect stroke of eyeliner on your lid that will bring your eyes from dull to doll faced. Have confidence in your application and go for it… paint your little heart out! Here’s an episode of PolishedTV showing you how easy eye pens are to use. 
  4. Mascara… Enough said really. There is not need to elaborate on this step. Mascara does a lot to lift our spirits and our lid, to have us looking wide-eyed and bushy tailed. I personally, try not to leave the house without it. Many gals have certain interests, whether it’s length, volume, curl, thickness etc… We suggest heading to the nearest makeup counter and sampling. It’s free! Find out what you need and like, then hit the drugstore for a similar product. Shopping smart and investing in what works for you, will show in your makeup application.
  5. Gloss… A true favorite of mine is NYX Gloss! I just love it… Coming in all different shades we prefer their pinks and blushes. Remember, we’re focusing on a pout lip, so playing with pink tones will make those lips of yours look luscious!

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