*The Great Wall

Shoes are a girl’s best friend, but can be their worst enemy when it comes to storage in a small space. Now, I will admit, I do love to keep some in their original boxes but my special SHOWSTOPPER SPIKES, I LOVE to have them on display! Which is exactly what I did in my room for *Pennies!

Many think installing shelving is a good idea and if you have the coin, do it! It would be nice to have that Carrie-Esq style Shoe Closet from Sex and the City! …Sigh….Now snap out of it!  All that work and hardware can be costly and time consuming and I do not have that kind of time or $$. I don’t know about you, but when I want something, I want it yesterday! So what did I do to create a Masterpiece for the works of art that adorn my feet? I did one of my 360 turns, burned some brain power, and then stopped to admire my window. Or at least the CURTAIN ROD that I was already using to hang some of my heels on as decoration. Ah Ha!! That was it! I decided then I was going to create “The Great Wall”!

Off I went and purchased four, gold, sturdy, leaf ended curtain rods at about $15 each! One thing you do want to keep in mind is that the great thing about curtain rods is that they come in may colors, brushed metals, have have beautiful decorative ornaments at their ends. So they are an easy way to be playful with design but also functional.

(One more tip: there are some less sturdy curtain rods that will tend to bend if your not careful when selecting which heels to place on them or if you over extend the rod. So you definitely want to find something that is sturdy just to be on the safe side!

On a useless, blank, and boring wall in my room, I installed four curtain rods! Each one horizontally and evenly spaced apart. Now you can add as many as you want if you have the space! They are also great for a few delicate hangers at the bottom, or even another place to hang headbands,jewelry, scarfs, or sashes. PLEASE REMEMBER however, to never over-crowd your rod and be mindful of the weight you are placing on them. But here is a looksy at the finished product. It’s something I’m super proud of and proud to share! I now have storage for almost 50 pairs of shoes, and I did it my way, the Polished way! 😉 I hope I’ve inspired you!

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