The Side Pony Sweetheart*

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What’s flirtier than hair that looks as if you just woke up perfectly polished? We think nothing! Allowing your natural flyaways, natural texture, and natural sass speak through your locks was our inspiration for PolishedN’s sweet side pony from our #flirtyfeb photoshoot! The great thing is, this look is super easy to create and all you’ll need is a hair tie, a few bobby pins, and some confidence!

Sweet Side Pony:

  1. Allowing PolishedN’s hair to air dry, working with her natural wavy texture, we gave her a sharp right side part in the front.
  2. Then we pulled her hair around her neck and back into a side pony in the same direction of her part. (If you part your hair to the right…Pull your pony to the right. Same with the left)
  3. Once we pulled the hair around, we did a very SHORT simple braid to weave the hair from either side together at the base of the neck.
  4. Then we secured the half braided pony with a tie.
  5. For more texture, because it’s not supposed to look perfect, we pulled at the mini-braid to add thickness, and make it more loose feeling.
  6. We then took a small section of her ponytail and wrapped it around the hair tie to cover it, fastening the ends into the hair tie with bobby pins.
  7. Fluffing the end of her pony and adding a touch of hair-spray… She looks sweet yet oh so seductive!

What are your thoughts of the side pony?



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