There are people rooting for you, you just have to surround yourself with them.

This is a true story.


One day, after listening to an advertisement on the radio for Auditions to become a Philadelphia Eagle’s Cheerleader, I made up my mind. I turned up the volume in my Geo Metro convertible, a two seater spectacle that was reminiscent of a roller-coaster car (of which I loved), and decided I would take a shot! I was going to do it! I was going to get a little kooky and try out to be an NFL Cheerleader. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen, I don’t make it? Basically. So I figured my odds were 50/50 like anything. You either try or you don’t.

Anyway, at the time, I was fresh meat in college, 18, and an extremely dedicated and passionate volunteer cheerleading coach to a group of 7th and 8th graders at my old grade-school. And let me tell you something… these little chicks were fireballs! Athletes! Hard working little gal pals who pushed themselves to be great, and we’re always number one in our eyes.


I loved being a coach. (And always will. I just ended my 10 year stint last year) Even though we didn’t get paid, we got to be creative, teach what we loved, and make a small dent in the minds of young girls who needed role models. Who NEED TO FEEL CONFIDENCE. And at that age, their watching you. Watching you like a hawk. I learned that in the most precious way, on the night of the first round of the Eagles Cheerleader auditions, they had been watching me and looking up to me from the beginning.

*Typical control freak, I HAD to make practice before I went to the auditions. Just to check in, chat with my fellow coaches, and remind these girls, that even though I’m not there, O you better TRUST I’d still be watching (lol)… So, they stretched, did their motion practice, and then  jumped right into some stunting sequences. By that time, I was watching the clock tick minute by minute. My palms were starting to sweat. Butterflies grew in my belly. I knew it was time to head out to my Geo, make the drive to South Philly, and take a chance of a lifetime. I was scared. Because sometimes in the life you have to things on your own. Or maybe just the physical part…

Since they were putting precious bodies in the air during their stunts, I just said a small goodbye, a few hugs here and there, and sort of slid out of the school to my car so there wouldn’t be too much of a distraction. Then, just as I shut my car door, and put my key in the ignition… I felt a surge of motion overwhelm me and surround my car. Unknowing of what this feeling was, I looked through my window, out of my rear view mirror, and realized it was 18 young girls, pressing 36 little hands on the roof of my car. Stunned by this show of support, feeling completely overwhelmed, it continued with a Hail Mary in unison, wishing me a blessing to follow my dreams and make them come true. They were rooting for me. I was speechless.

I get choked up every time I tell that story, because their small gesture filled me with such confidence. I always believed in them, but this time I felt people believing in me. I felt THEM believing in me. I felt these kids wanting to see me succeed wide eyed and inspired. And ya know what, I went to that audition and did it. I made the squad.

The point of this story is not only to take chances, because you most likely have a 50/50 shot on anything, but it’s also about surrounding yourself with people who are good, who are praying for you, and who believe in you, because you would do the same for them.

To those 36 little hands, I will never forget you. And to all the girls I’ve coached through the years, YOU’VE HELPED MAKE ME, ME! You’ve made me believe I can do anything. Maybe right now you’re even helping someone believe in themselves as I share this story. Thank you. I love you all for that and so much more.

Love Always,

Coach Tori

P.S Girls, just like you’ve all heard me say before, when you get down, get up and do it “ONE MORE TIME, AND MAKE IT A GOOD ONE” 😉


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