There is nothing I love more than a good Polished Comparison, so your in for a treat!!!! And because I get excited, finding things of Million Dollar worth for Pennies, I LOVE to share the wealth.

My friend Carly writes an amazing blog called www.thirtysomethingfashion.com. She is extremely fashionable and has a natural air of chicness, that you can’t help to wonder what she wears on a daily basis. She is also Polishedly *Pregnant right now, and frigging stunning! (So lucky, I hope I’m the same, but with the elasticity genes I’ve inherited I have a feeling I’m screwed lol O well, It’s all worth it right… I do have a cellulite cream writeup coming up soon side note 😉

Anywho, back on track. On one of her recent posts, she highlighted a great layered Turquoise Necklace that costs a pretty penny, so I reached out to my homegirl and found her an exact stand in! Check out my layered necklace for $9.99 !!!!  The Polished Comparison the $94.99 Max & Cleo to the $9.99 Burlington Coat Factory! And, Burlington had three different colors to choose from! Ere-go, even if you bought 3 you would still only be spending a third of the price of the Max and Cleo!  

So let me say this, if you think the higher priced necklace is pennies well spent, spend. But if your saving Pennies for a splurge and need a filler that looks exactly the same, SAVE! Heck, for that price BUY ALL THREE COLORS. Save where you can, spend what you want, and always shop Polished for Pennies.

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