There’s Something Better Awaiting

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Written by: PolishedN

Have you ever watched a dragon fly soar above water waiting for that right time to gently land and get a quick drink…. well today as I was sunbathing (dreading the thought of being pale soon) a dragonfly was soaring over my pool for a half hour.  It blew my mind how much patience it had.  Take action august has taught me to not just rush into something unprepared but like the dragonfly wait until you feel fully confident then attack with no hesitation.  When I sadly couldn’t get the picture I wanted of the dragonfly, I began to patently wait until it came back… but little did I know and unexpectedly a beautiful butterfly sat right in front of me instead.  And just like that I realized that sometimes what we want so badly may not happen but that just means something better is coming our way.  So as take action august fly’s by us don’t get discouraged if something does not go planned but simply see it as something even better is awaiting!


(*Photos taken by PolishedN of the Butterfly that inspired this post)

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