Red is Confident, Seductive, and Fierce, so ROCK IT!

This Free People Dress Retails $128 and by our Polished Principle of “Shop For What Pops” we scored it at $15!

So “what popped?”… I think the color is what attracted me first. When you think Valentines Day you think Red or Pink, and that may be cliche… BUT WHO CARES! It’s a celebration, therefore your allowed to celebrate accordingly!! And c’mon lets be serious, red is Confident, Seductive, and Fierce, so ROCK IT!

And since this dress had some AMAZING Zipfactor, I knew it was the one! Gals, when you are dressing for any occasion you should feel your prettiest. And the way to find your pretty , is by making sure when you are shopping that you keep in mind it’s not the size of the dress but the fit that will make you feel great! Confident! Fierce! That my friends is the ZIPFACTOR! When something is not right, and you don’t have that feeling of Zipped Confidence, GET RID OF IT! At P4P our purpose is to get you feeling like a Million Bucks, with not Zip there’s not Luck of finding that feeling!

One more thing to note about this look, is that it is not over done! For our Fierce February, you want to think about feminine touches that are strong in their own way to speak for themselves, because ultimately we want your Fierceness to shine, not just the outfit! Like this dress, it’s the touch of velour and flowy bottom that are accessories enough. Yes, we added a very simple vintage pearl and gold earring, and metallic bag! But that’s all we needed, because I felt great enough to go as bare as possible to wear the dress, and not let the dress wear me!

Strappy metallic gold heels and some sparkle lotion finished this look, and that was it!

With a few tips from this post, you’ve got the most perfect Vday outfit that is sweet, sexy, fierce, feminine and completely Polished for Pennies! Only your confidence can make a $15 dress look like a Million! So don’t schlep! Keep those shoulders back, chest out, and walk with purpose! Why? Because you’re freaking great and deserve to show it off date or not!

Oh and Gal Pals, there is NOTHING that compares to a great dress. Think about that when you have any special moments to celebrate. It will do wonders for your confidence and have you feeling like a woman.

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