This Shirt is A Pair of Shorts*


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So this post is pretty hilarious for me because I felt like a total idiot in the dressing room after I realized this top was actually shorts! However, I’m happy that I made the decision to start looking at the mistake as the magic! This is the beauty of keeping a Polished for Pennies eye for potential even in the weirdest and unexpected situations, because you can always turn that frown around and surprise yourself!

So you’ll see in the video that the top, or pair of shorts, were only $7.99! What a fabfound steal… so talk about extending your wardrobe on pennies! I kept the styling black and white for even more versatility and added some more lux accessories like silver strands of metal necklaces, a leather shopping bag, and MY FAVORITE… Via Spiga gladiator sandals I scored at a local shoe boutique for $59 to really kick that $7.99 price tag up to an unexpected Million Dollar looking and feeling style! BOOM!

So use this post and video as a way to transform how you look at mistakes. To inspire you to find the positive in the negative and to live a little more Polished for Pennies… inventive, creative, colorful, and confident!



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