TMTT Gets Bossy and Smart

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Okay, so this Just Be You January, I’ve decided to go full speed ahead to conquer my dreams, get back in the saddle, take each day with its up’s & down’s, and accept uncertainty! But I CERTAINLY will be dressing the part of a boss! That’s right! I want to be my best, fab, bossy self and take each day, to take one step closer, to attaining my goal. I want to one day have my own TV show! So I thought to myself, on my P4P tv show what would I wear and how would I dress? I’m a little bit thrift. A little bit shiny, and a whole lot of POP and Polish…

Well, with a little help from Marshalls I fabfound some killer inspiration! Aka I “Shopped for What Popped“… I kicked up my vintage thrift $1 leather high-waisted skirt & silver, retro, metallic blouse for $4… and made them SING with some pretty patent Guess pumps  from Marshalls for $29 on clearance! The perfect point, and strappy detail will turn heads and keep people tuned in… just what I want 😉 They most importantly, make me feel like a million bucks… even with just a few pennies to spend!

Happy Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday and Happy “You’re alive” today… so work at it and find your best fab self!

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