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While working items from my own closet for Malibu May, I selected them by asking myself, “Is this Malibu? Is this Cali?” Funny enough a super cool Cali-goer Gal Pal, hit us up on Instagram and said, “Malibu May makes me think of Free People!” She used her imagination and automatically was able to associate a feeling, a tone, a place, and city to a brand of clothing! We love that, and it’s with that kind of  imagination that you can give a look a style, but better yet a feeling!

So when I thought of Malibu, I automatically thought of the words serene, effortless, easy, and comfortable. In short, I wanted to feel elegant, yet beachy and cool. The place I was dressing to transport to was a Malibu beachfront pre-dusk soiree where I was swaying to music, surrounded by smiles, and feeling carefree. Heck, I could also see myself  at Coachella giving trailer/traveler style a whole new meaning!

So here’s what I wore?

Hat: Sole Society (post to come soon!)

(Bathing suit underneath: Marshalls) Post to come soon!

Crochet top: Arden B

Lace skirt: Macy’s ($9)

Buckle Shoe: Sole Society

See ya Gals, this may be shot in Philly, but mentally, I’m going going, back, back, to Cali, Cali!

Where do you want to be? Visualize it… then dress the part!



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  1. So Pretty! I have the same shoes 🙂

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