Vintage Florals for Easter*

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Easter is always a special holiday for me because it reminds me of Mommom Rose, her tablecloths, cooking, and my crazy cousins scattered throughout the house and around the table. It’s a day where nothing matters but food and family. So when you’re putting your tablescape together… don’t over think it and don’t over buy. My tablescape above focuses on delicately placed flowers, even a single flower can balance a table and add a POP of pretty. Vintage plates I bought from a thrift store that burst with happiness, floral designs, roses which remind me of my grandmom and even fruit. Easter is a time to really let the food shine, and on plates such as these, even when the food is gone, an empty plate is still something to look at and smile towards. They are also great conversation pieces! I also used a few clear glass plates from DollarTree to mix things up! At my grandmom’s house not everything matched and I love that for it totally makes a table more interesting.

I also really love a bright table cloth… This yellow one from Marshalls sets a tone of sunshine, and layering over a doily here and there helps this table stay cozy. I also would suggest layering your food in tiers. Some higher than others on cake plates or pedestals for this always helps a table look full, bountiful, and interesting drawing attention up and down and all around the table!

These are only a few ideas but they are ideas that come from the heart, don’t cost much, but will spoil your guests in simple thought and love. I hope you find that such a simple table like this can feel filled with spirit and warmth! <3

Wishing you all Easter blessings of family and fun! Happy Easter Gal Pals! Xo- V

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