Vintage Velour Vixen



There is nothing more dazzling than wearing a dress that is out of the ordinary. It makes you feel unique, couture, different, artistic, and fearless. So we want to challenge the tips of your fingers to always feel for fabrics that speak louder than words. In our Sophisticated September Photoshoot, PolishedV found this soft velour dress for $5 at The Wardrobe Boutique off of Spring Garden in Philadelphia. Their store benefits the Career Wardrobe Non-Profit!

Shop good, you can do some good for others, and still look good while you’re at it! BONUS!

While PolishedV, perused the racks, she made her way to the clearance rack in the back of the store where they have markdowns you wouldn’t believe. Like her dress. The original price of this handmade, vintage, velour gown was around $19.99 (a steal already) but it had a star punched into the sticker and that meant it was $5!

What made it worth the $5 bucks even though PolishedV had nowhere to go in particular? It had Zip, it POPPED, and it was Heavy with Luxury! Oh don’t worry, she’ll put it to good use!

Enough said. You shop for what pops thrift or consign, you scoop it up then and now, because it won’t be there if you try to go back! But more importantly, buy items that are special. Buy items that you know no one else will have, and YES it’s possible to find them on pennies.

Polished for Pennie is living proof you don’t have to make bank to feel your best. Shop for what Pops, Feel for Luxury, and Zip for fit… you’re in Business!

Will you try to test your tips and find some Velour this season?

OH! And the cool Ralph Lauren inspired wool hat was from the Medical Missions Sisters Thrift Shop in Philadelphia for $3 😉

Four Seasons stance! BOOM!



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