Wednesday Pick Me Up: Home Is Where the Heart Is*

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Just when you don’t expect it, life whisks you away to a place where you thought you’d never be. And at the right time and with the right person you’ll find yourself in the happiest place on earth. Home. No matter where you once were or where you are now, home will always be where the heart is and home will find you.

It found me once again.

I felt home in my heart with only one person years ago. I felt home with my best friend. The person whose laughs and love never left me, and stayed stained on my heart for the 8 years we never saw each other and barely spoke. Home was a feeling I never forgot. Although I never believed something so real, comforting, and true would ever find me again, true love always has a way of coming back.

True love brings you home.

Gals, if you followed along on Instagram and FB you’ll see that I’m engaged to my first and only love Matthew!pic 3I didn’t see it coming and was completely shocked!

It was the best day of my life!DSC_0332 copyHere’s looking forward to the Polished for Pennies Planning! Thank you all for the love and support you’ve given me since the start~! We are so excited! <3DSC_0372 copy

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