Where to Shop for What Pops? “Malena’s Vintage Boutique”

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Vintage LOVERS and Gal Pals looking to stack their closets chock full of one of a kind gems that are priced FAIR and Perfectly Polished for Pennies… this FRIDAY April 3 Malena’s Vintage Boutique is THE place to Shop for What POPS during their BLOWOUT SALE including TWO full spaces of Vintage and STOCK! AHHHHHHHH!!! AND, their one showroom has never before been open to the public so this is an event you definitely do not want to miss!

I’ve done my fair share of digging for vintage, as you know, and I have a complete obsession for the detail, luxury, fit, and POP that can be resurrected from years ago. Vintage for me is a happy place. It exudes wonder and magic which is most of the time, the hand stitched efforts of artists, or just women like ourselves of years prior, who used their own hands to create beauty years ago for us to FEEL BEAUTIFUL in then and now. That’s the type of detail that Malena’s Vintage Boutique in West Chester puts forth to make sure every Gal Pal can leave their store in something gorgeous to feel like a Million Bucks in… even if it only costs a few shiny pennies.

With racks and racks of specially selected prints, tulle, embroidery, florals, lady-like charm and cases and bins of jewels, broaches, bags, gloves, and in between the hunt was on for me and PolishedC who made our way up to their store the other day to play dress up! Malena, the beautiful owner of the boutique, let us in on the deets of their sale this Friday and let’s just say $10 RACKS! But not just like racks of random stuff for $10 like GOOD STUFF, GREAT STUFF! Like that Silver Vintage jumpsuit pictured above. Like the pink top, the purple dress and all that I’m holding in that pic….I mean LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND BEARS OH MY! The photo where I’m wearing the purple dress, EVERYTHING behind me is $10!!!! Seriously Gals, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of goodies in this shop, in both of their spaces, I told Malena she was about to get slapped silly… in an endearing kind of way of course! lol

Then they have a tons more of their regularly priced goods, EVEN BRIDAL, in their two spaces, which in my mind are still steals, like that neon yellow summer knit dress for under $40, and pale yellow and white beaded dress for under $55 that had the most incredible fit I felt like Marilyn Monroe! And Gals YOU CAN FEEL LIKE THAT TO IN VINTAGE! And I don’t want to hear anything about sizes either… Malena’s wide selection has vintage for EVERY SIZE!! And ya know, PolishedC made a great point while on the drive home. You can go to any department store and spend that kind of money on cheaply made retail or pleather, or you can invest your pennies in a piece of vintage art for any event or for everyday that makes you feel special and celebrated for less than what you’d pay for at the mall! AND on things that are less stylish! WHY do that?! lol Also, by the way, if you pay cash on Friday you get an extra 10% off!

Keep in mind these featured pieces were just some of our favorites but they have an era for everyone, and Gals, I want all of you to love what you buy and love yourself in it… So Happy Shop For What Pops Vintage Lovers!

Before you head to the store, check out our Vintage Episode of Polished for Pennies on ULIVE to get you in the mood for Friday!

Here are the details for this Friday’s Malena’s Vintage sale (April the 3rd):

  • Malena’s will be open from 11AM to 9PM and that includes our store and the showroom, which is located directly next to their retail space. Malena’s will also be stocking continuously all day so don’t feel that if you get there after work the wonderful pieces will be gone. 
  • In the showroom there will be 500 plus pieces for $10 in addition to designer racks, a Lilly Pulitzer rack, and racks of excellent spring and summer pieces.
  • Malena’s will also have a woman doing statement gel nails for a small price with purchase.
  • On Friday when you pay with cash they will take 10% off your entire purchase.
  • West Chester will have free metered parking on Friday from 8AM to midnight. 

Malena’s Vintage

101 w Gay St 19380

Malena’s Vintage Boutique 

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