Winging Life and Making Your Own*

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Hi my best Gal Pals. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Pick Me Up” and honestly it’s because I’ve been winging my life. Rolling with it. Feeling it out. Living it. Sorting it. Balancing it. Loving it and breathing it in. Which has made me feel like this thought would be a good place to start back up again with a post of inspiration that might help you because it’s helped me. I’m starting at a place where I’m learning is the only place to start… TODAY and right now in the moment.

Just like this urge to write this post, life will come to you. Life, if we’re blessed enough to feel it in the morning sun or breezy ran, only comes one day at a time and it’s only if we open our eyes, hearts, minds and bodies to the present that we will be able to feel it and feel everything. The good feelings and the bad. Today you could feel something unwelcome, but that’s the blessing of today, that it’s here and you have something to conquer or work on, or learn from. Today you could feel something amazing, but that’s the blessing of today, that it’s here and you have something to love, to inspire you, to make your soul fly, or to keep you going.

Life is here in all it’s lessons to guide you to where you want to be. To make you aware of the richest you already have, what you want more of in life, and where you want to go.

Speaking of where you’re going, from what I have learned in my own experiences so far, there’s no recipe for your ideal destination or success in any realm of accomplishment. Whether personal or professional, every story you hear is different. People are different. People change. Dreams change. Winds change.  Priorities change. Circumstances change, and feelings change day to day…  it’s life. It’s human nature. That’s the most beautiful thing because each day is here for us to imagine and make. Make better. Make stronger. Make bearable and we are the only ones that can make it happen. You sleep in your life you have to make your bed. You must be aware of how you feel and how you feel out life so you can make it great. You can make a wish AND you can make it happen if you become aware of the potential in each day and make a choice to view each day as a day to make up your mind.

Will I take each day at a time? Will I practice patience? Will I look at the things I need to work on and start working on them? Will I make my best effort to be the best me to make my small world a little brighter? Will I be thankful for the big world I live in and what comes with it?

Day to day we’re winging it… but we make a choice to make it great. Start today with a choice and make it. The time is always today to enjoy your life.

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