Work Hard. Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good…

Sometimes when you feel you are pushing your nose to the grindstone on a daily basis, handling your business at home or at work, with the kids or with friends, lover or spouse, you can feel overwhelmed. The thought of all of those responsibilities, commitments, ventures, dreams, struggles, and opinions we hold within our little brains each day, it’s understandable that we feel pressure. Feel overwhelmed. It’s enough trying to pay the bills, but if you really think about it, talk about the mental workout we practice each day to attain our goals. Goal: Good day. Goal: Happy home. Goal: Good guy (or gal depending) Goal: Good kids. Goal: Good job. Goal: Good pay. Goal: Good friends. Ultimate Goal: Happiness. 

Seriously Gal Pals, I get it. We are doing a lot, but the WORK we are putting into this good life now will be worth it. The HARD WORK we are putting into attaining those goals will be worth it. It’s gotta be! I always say Good things come to Good people, and I truly believe that. Which brings me to the point of this post. 

Work Hard. Be good. Do good. Feel good…

and of course, Look good all Polished for Pennies 😉

Happy Labor Day to all of the Hard Working People out there just trying to make a life for themselves! You deserve this day to reflect on how hard you’ve been working, because tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone! 😉 Your strength is amazing. Your an inspiration.  Keep going!

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