You Jeweled Wonder*


There will come atleast one time in your life, if not a few, where you’ll be left to think about the next step. You’ll feel challenged. What you want… Where you’re going… Who’s around… Who’s not… and Why am I here? You’ll have to think about yourself and your life. Your precious life may feel a little pressure to be figured out. And when those moments of questioning and wonder happen, with as many unanswered questions like there are cuts in a precious stone, remember it’s all happening for a reason because…

You HAVE to think about it.

Life has so many facets, with so many things that are left for us to try and figure out. To explore and dig for but no answers come without questions. No answers come without challenges. No diamonds come without pressure. We need all of these things, questions, challenges, and pressure to bring on re-invention. The re-invention of our paths. Our lives. Ourselves.  And with that change in direction, there will most certainly be some growing pains, a little pressure, but it’s necessary. Change and reinvention are always necessary and a little uncomfortable, but it’s imperative.  Questions may be tough, and your path may not be as easy to uncover as you’d like… you might even feel a little flawed…

But every diamond grows from pressure. Under dirt. Believe in the process. Sparkle regardless. Shine bright you jeweled wonder and…2ba90b02c741ee5f97780e874004a71d 7d5831fc1309108d063be9b064ef2fd0 60c2b546b24da94e2fac6c5036d07fba 228a0531b1d3a51ddd56fdc6100a62a3 b1eca1df427b62463a794d130ac7828f

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